KOOR is a newly formed mixed a cappella vocal jazz quartet, composed of four passionate singers deeply immersed in the world of vocal jazz music. Founded in 2022, each member of KOOR brings a wealth of experience from diverse musical backgrounds, culminating in a harmonious fusion of talent. United by our shared love for close harmony singing, we invite you to meet the team who have dedicated their lives to creating exquisite harmonies.

Floor Denil

- Soprano -



Floor, our soprano, is a multifaceted creative based in Brussels. With a background in jazz-voice from prestigious conservatories in Ghent, Rotterdam, and Brussels, Floor’s passion extends beyond music to include illustration, voice acting, and capturing the beauty of Europe’s landscapes through text and video. As an independent creative, Floor harmonises art, music, and nature to craft captivating experiences that inspire and resonate.


Muriel Urquidi

- Alto -



Meet Muriel, our vivacious alto. She embarked on a musical journey studying jazz voice and studio music and music business in Miami, London, and Leuven. With a global spirit, she's called Scotland, Slovakia, and China home. A coffee enthusiast and vocal anatomy nerd, Muriel loves connecting with people. As a jazz vocalist and composer, she leads the modern jazz ensemble Ode. Whether exploring the intricacies of vocal technique or cuddling with her dog, Muriel's passion for music makes her a harmonious force in any tune and a delightful presence in any setting.

Leander Moens

- Tenor -



Leander Moens, fueled by a childhood love for choral music, pursued Jazz Vocals at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, earning a Master's degree and teaching certification. As the tenor of vocal jazz group KOOR and an active member of the Brussels Vocal Project, Leander seamlessly blends his musical passion with a love for nature, walking, food, and climbing. Beyond the harmonies, he excels in barbershop music with O!Boy and imparts his knowledge through teaching and acapella workshops. Leander's multifaceted interests converge in a symphony of creativity and adventure.

Jonas Veirman

- Bass -



Meet Jonas Veirman, our talented bass and multi-instrumentalist, who started his vocal journey in Jazz Vocals at the prestigious Conservatories of Ghent and Göteborg, sparking his passion for harmony. Being a sought-after guest with top orchestras, he collaborated and shared the stage with a wide range of musicians from the inter-national jazz and pop scene. Not limited to live performances, Jonas has also lent his vocal talents to notable productions by Disney and Netflix. Beyond his performances, Jonas is a committed vocal coach, sharing his expertise and passion with aspiring and professional singers, nurturing their talents with every session.